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Collection 6060

Technical Data

Profile:   6060 (radius R 6,0 x R 6,0mm as in the picture)
Core material:   chipboard P2 according to EN 312; P3 as option
Surface:   CPL/HPL according to EN 438; thickness 0,4 - 0,8mm
Thickness:   25/28/38mm
Length:   2400/2650/3050/3600/4100/4150mm
Width:   600/610/620/630/635/640/800/900/1200/1220mm
Gluing:   D3 in accordance with EN 204
Reverse:   moisture - resistant paper balancer, phenolic balancer as option
Side edges:   sanded, ABS or laminate same as surface (as option)
Backedge:   impregnated paper edge
Sealing:  the seam between the laminate and the coating on the reverse (on the  underside) is sealed by hot melt adhesive PUR
Availability of a particular decor in each profile is the subject of individual inquiry.