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Lamintex postforming windowsills are suitable for all interior applications. Available in a wide range of postforming profiles, finishes and décors, allow to create individual solutions for everyone.

We are able to produce windowsills postforming profiles in various radiuses, with noses as well as without, according to the customer's demands. Our windowsills meet requirements of the highest quality standards.

To production of windowsills Lamintex uses P2 standard chipboard or P5 high quality moisture resistant. We offer new thicknesses of windowsills on chipboard 16, 18, 19, 22, 25 and 28mm as well as thicken to 38, 40 and 50mm. Varied thickness of laminate depending on market needs: 0,4; 0,5; 0,7mm.
Our standard profiles with nose are: 6060-P, 3030-P, 1010-P, whereas without nose: 5500.