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Collection 6060-P LONG

Technical Data

Core material:  chipboard P2, P3 (P5 available on special request) according to EN 312
Thickness:  18mm bolded to 50mm
Surface:  CPL laminate 0,4 or 0,5mm with overlay (except plain decors) according to EN 438
Length:  2400 ÷ 4100mm
Width:  150 ÷ 900mm
Gluing:  D3 in accordance with EN 204
Reverse:  moisture impregnated paper or CPL laminate (various decors according to stock) as option
Back edge:  moisture impregnated paper edge or melamine / CPL edges as option
Nose:  chipboard - width of nose 18mm
For special requirements of our customers we are capable to cut elements to required sizes as well as to cover the side egdes and to deliver our windowsills as ready prefabricated elements.